Join Rabbi Rachel Bearman and Rabbi Paul Kipnes as they restore the voices of biblical women and men who have not been given the opportunity to speak.

Why Isaac Refused to Choose Between His Sons

In Torah, Isaac blesses Jacob, the second of his twins, only after his wife Rebecca arranges what appears to be an elaborate ruse to disguise Jacob like his older brother Esau. Was Isaac fooled or was something deeper at play? In this Midrashic Monologue, we discover how Isaac and Rebecca’s partnership allowed to creatively blend God’s oracle with Isaac’s fatherly love for his sons. I heard that some tribespeople have been whispering behind my back - saying that my wife Rebec

How Do You Know?

In this Midrashic Monologue, we join Isaac, Rebekah, and their twins for their evening meal. Imagining the questions these young boys might have asked about love and marriage, we allow the adults to reflect on the day that they met, the love that they share, and the relationship that they have built together. It happened when we gathered for our evening meal. I was ladling stew into everyone’s bowls when I realized that Jacob and Esau were having one of their “twin conversati

Where was Sarah during the Akedah?

In Parashat Chayei Sarah (the life of Sarah), we learn that our biblical matriarch Sarah lived 127 years, she died, and Abraham purchased he