Join Rabbi Rachel Bearman and Rabbi Paul Kipnes as they restore the voices of biblical women and men who have not been given the opportunity to speak.

Zipporah's Fire

In Bamidbar (the Book of Numbers), Zipporah seems to fade away until, ultimately, she no longer appears in the story...

A Woman. A Lover. A Human Being.

In this week’s Torah Portion, #Balak, Kozbi is introduced and then murdered within the span of three verses. In this Midrashic Monologue, we explore her story and excavate her voice. ________________ My name was Kozbi. I was a woman. A princess. A lover. A human being. A Midianite. I met a man, Zimri, when a group of my kinspeople joined camps with the Israelites in order to visit with our cousin, Zipporah. His people would be the end of me. Almost immediately after our arriv