Join Rabbi Rachel Bearman and Rabbi Paul Kipnes as they restore the voices of biblical women and men who have not been given the opportunity to speak.

Korach Was Right

This midrash first appeared on Rabbi Bearman's website which can be accessed by clicking here. “They combined against Moses and Aaron and...

Waiting For Miriam

Are we the first to feel this powerful mix of longing, grief, and worry for loved ones who have been exiled by illness?

The Queens of Shushan

In this Midrashic Monologue, we allow Esther to explain in her own words how she understands & is inspired by the life and legacy of Vashti

Joseph and His Mothers' Blessing

In this week’s Torah portion, Vayigash, Joseph is reunited with his parents after years of separation. The Torah focuses on Joseph’s...

Judith's Story

NOTE FROM MM: Because this Midrashic Monologue features characters who do not appear in the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible), we decided to begin...

How Do You Know?

In this Midrashic Monologue, we join Isaac, Rebekah, and their twins for their evening meal. Imagining the questions these young boys...

Where was Sarah during the Akedah?

In Parashat Chayei Sarah (the life of Sarah), we learn that our biblical matriarch Sarah lived 127 years, she died, and Abraham purchased he

Hannah and Peninah

In the Haftarah portion for Rosh Hashanah, we are introduced to Hannah and Peninah, two wives of Elkanah. These women are depicted in...

We Will Be The Turning Point

In the book of Genesis, Joseph and the pharaoh he served are depicted as a team so effective that they were able to safeguard Egypt...

Zipporah's Fire

In Bamidbar (the Book of Numbers), Zipporah seems to fade away until, ultimately, she no longer appears in the story...

A Woman. A Lover. A Human Being.

In this week’s Torah Portion, #Balak, Kozbi is introduced and then murdered within the span of three verses. In this Midrashic Monologue,...

Boaz's Reflections

In this Midrashic Monologue, we listen as Boaz reflects on the day he met Ruth and the lives that they have built together.

Orpah's Name

We know very little from the Hebrew Bible about Orpah other than that she was the daughter-in-law of Naomi and sister-in-law of Ruth.